About Scrappy

Welcome to my sweatshop!

The sweatshop started with this need to create for my kids. I'm all about custom! I bought my first embroidery machine about seven years ago. Over time, I found myself getting more detailed with my personal projects and got brave enough to offer the service to others.   The most popular items I embroider and applique are Christmas Jammies, birthday and squadron shirts. Thanks to my stylish children, I have a TON of sparkly options too that I like to incorporate as often as possible into a design.

Last year, I added a laser to my sweatshop. Now I have a full up maker space in my office. With my laser, I can customize wood, etch glass, metals, cups, acrylic, you name it! It's been a lot of fun creating new things, and I'm excited to add it to the sweatshop.

Let's customize something for you!