Watch Band Jig for RE3
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Watch Band Jig for RE3

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This is a digital file for RE3, not a physical item.   The jig is sized for 14 bands in both 38/40 and 42/44 sizes.  Settings for the vector cut will depend on the materials you are using.  I made mine out of acrylic.  


Once you import it into RE3 you do not want to move the image as it is already sized for both the watches and the program.  The only thing you will have to change are the cut settings. 


The first layer of the file have the instructions for how I use the jig, to include recommended settings.  You will want to hide that layer once you are ready to use the file.   In the file are two layers that have the sizing of the bands so you know which size goes on which side.  I personally do not have this on mine and you can choose to hide those layers if you prefer.  


If you have any issues, please email me.  



Terms of use:  This file is for your personal/business use only to customize apple watch bands.  You may not resale, redistribute or share this file as your own. If someone is interested in the file, please refer them to this link.  


Thank you!

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